Wills, Probate and Guardianships

Wills, Probate and Guardianships

Dealing with matters at the time of death is stressful, intimidating, and overwhelming. Attorney, Leon Breeden,  is here to help you avoid legal complications during this sensitive time. We focus on preparing our clients with a thoughtful estate plan and dealing with complications in case a plan was not created before Probate.

Probate in Texas

​Probate is an important process. It is the way an estate gets settled after someone passes away in Texas. It settles a person's land, property, belongings, debt, and other unsettled real/personal property issues. 

The process can be long, expensive and time consuming or streamlined and straightforward. This is because there are several different ways to go through the Probate process, such as an Independent Administration, Dependent Administration, Small Estate Affidavit, or Muniment of Title. 

Last Will and Testament

One of the best ways to avoid a lengthy and costly Probate process is to execute a Last Will and Testament. This legal procedure helps establish your clear desires for your beneficiaries. Wills are often the most well-known legal procedure and the one most people procrastinate on. Executing a Will can be one of the kindest gifts you leave for your family. 

​A Will governs the future ownership of your home, personal effects, vehicles, bank accounts, and more. 

Guardianship in Texas

A Guardianship case arises when a minor child or an incapacitated person deemed by the court as unable to make decisions for him/herself requires someone to take care of their safety and well being, as well as their financial estate. 

​There is an exhaustive list of duties a guardian (person responsible for the child or incapacitated person) is responsible for. Some of these include: the duty of care, control, and protection, the power to consent to medical treatment, the duty to provide a home and safe environment.

Guardianship can involve complicated court proceedings and consulting with an experienced attorney is imperative.


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Mr. Breeden is a time tested litigation attorney with hundreds of trials under his belt. As an attorney with multiple practice areas, his diversity of experience makes him a great advocate for his clients. One client mentioned that he felt like “he was Leon’s only client.” 

Toughness is a virtue in Texas. Legal matters can be trying, which is why you’ll want someone focused, gritty, and tough minded on your side.


Tim De Jong Client

It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know

It’s about his passion, his sense of right and wrong first and how he can help his client first. If he can’t help, he’ll let you know. It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know. And that’s why every time I need help, I go to Leon.

Debra Opdahl Client

He immediately went into professional mode

Leon and I have been friends for over 40 years. So when my husband and I went to see him about getting our will done for a trip, I was impressed because he immediately went into professional mode. He helped us get all of the information we needed and he was able to prepare our estate planning documents.

Ryan O'Rourke Client

Leon has been absolutely great

I met Leon on a referral from a colleague. He helped me incorporate in Texas and got all my legal stuff together. He's been absolutely great. He knows everyone and knows the ins and outs of the local law. He’s knowledgeable in firearm law which is a bonus to me!

Rudy Espinoza Client

He does not sugar coat anything for you

When you hire Leon Breeden he is a straight shooter. He does not sugar coat anything for you. He’s going to tell you the pros and cons right up front. He’ll give alternatives. He’s business savvy. He knows his industry very well. That’s the kind of person I like to deal with.

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