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Attorney, Leon Breeden, takes great pride in his relationships with small business owners in the San Marcos, Texas and Texas Hill Country communities. He's worked with large, small, and medium size businesses all across the great state of Texas, including: professionals, artisans, artists, corporations, and family businesses. ​Mr. Breeden is board certified in Consumer & Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Not board certified in any other area.  ​As well as a skilled mediator and trial attorney - each of these diverse experiences benefits his clients and their businesses.


​One of the first steps for Texas small business owners is to select the proper entity for your business. Many factors will be important to determine which option is the best for you, including: how many partners you have, the size of your business, the industry you plan to work in, your tax strategy and income level, among other things. The main purpose for creating a legal entity is to shield yourself and your family from liability. Creating an entity will create a separate legal entity that will separate your personal finances, income, and liability from that of your business. You might choose an LLC, PLLC, Partnership, or Corporation. Ensuring that your business entity is setup properly with the State of Texas is essential in ensuring that you are protected.


​Once we help you properly choose and setup your business entity, the next step will be educating you about the maintenance and upkeep required to keep your business in good legal standing. Depending on your legal entity of choice, this might include annual meetings, meeting minutes, stock certificates, and owner records. Learning about these important steps and consistently applying them to your business will help make sure your entity protects you the way you're expecting. 

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​Your business entity of choice also has many tax implications for you and your business. Businesses are taxed differently based on their legal structure. For instance, a pass-through tax might be available to LLCs and certain Corporations who elect to be taxes as S-Corps. Leon Breeden is not a tax attorney, though he does work with your tax adviser to integrate the best strategy for your business.

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Have you ever walked into a professional’s office and felt like you could hardly get a word in? Did you wonder whether he/she preferred listening to him/herself talk, rather than helping you with your problem.

After leaving our office, you’ll feel just the opposite. In our experience, the best lawyering happens when attorneys and clients have an open, honest dialogue. This starts when you visit our offices for the first time and we listen to understand your fears, facts, and goals. We’re here for you and that starts on day one.


Debra Opdahl Client

He immediately went into professional mode

Leon and I have been friends for over 40 years. So when my husband and I went to see him about getting our will done for a trip, I was impressed because he immediately went into professional mode. He helped us get all of the information we needed and he was able to prepare our estate planning documents.

Tim De Jong Client

It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know

It’s about his passion, his sense of right and wrong first and how he can help his client first. If he can’t help, he’ll let you know. It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know. And that’s why every time I need help, I go to Leon.

Rudy Espinoza Client

He does not sugar coat anything for you

When you hire Leon Breeden he is a straight shooter. He does not sugar coat anything for you. He’s going to tell you the pros and cons right up front. He’ll give alternatives. He’s business savvy. He knows his industry very well. That’s the kind of person I like to deal with.

Ryan O'Rourke Client

Leon has been absolutely great

I met Leon on a referral from a colleague. He helped me incorporate in Texas and got all my legal stuff together. He's been absolutely great. He knows everyone and knows the ins and outs of the local law. He’s knowledgeable in firearm law which is a bonus to me!

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