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Leon Breeden has represented clients in defense of all levels of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to the highest felonies. Mr. Breeden can assist from the beginning of the case in getting bond set or reduced all the way through trial, if necessary. If you have been charged with a crime your first step should be hiring prompt and effective representation.


Many defendants in a criminal case do not understand their rights and therefore, make grave mistakes that hurt their case later on down the line. For this reason, the most important step to take immediately upon being arrested is to call effective, experienced counsel. 

Arrests are scary, intimidating, and usually unfamiliar situations. This is why working with someone who has decades of experience working in the system is helpful.  Understand your rights to make sure you receive a fair trial and fair treatment throughout the process. From the outset, we can help immediately by fighting for your release through the bond process.


Attorney, Leon Breeden, is a passonate advocate for his clients. He is a fierce trial attorney who is often consulted by other attorneys to help with complex legal matters.

He has over three decades of experience trying cases before judges and juries in San Marcos, Texas and throughout the entire state. His perseverance, legal skill, and tough advocacy make him a renowned attorney. 

The character Atticus Finch in the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird" inspired Mr. Breeden to become a criminal defense attorney. His unwavering sense of justice makes him deeply passionate about defending community members.


​Our vast experience in complex criminal cases means that we're able to represent you from start to finish. We handle these types of cases, among others: Misdemeanor offenses, Felony Trials, Drug Offenses, White Collar Crime, DWI charges, Fraud cases, and Theft. 

​If you've been arrested for a crime, please reach out to our offices, as we can help you develop a clear strategy for how best to move forward in your case. A conviction could be a life changing event and it's essential that every detail is investigated and used to defend you in court. 


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Best Decision, BEST TIME

Our proudest moments are the collection of comments from former clients who state that they felt Mr. Breeden had their best interests in mind no matter what - that he helped them negotiate and stay out of court when he thought that was best - or fought tirelessly when it was time for trial - or given him/her advice that lasted a lifetime. Our focus: Making the best decision at the best time.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to complex legal cases. Every person, every family, every business is different. Our familiarity with the court system, legal consequences, and business decisions gives our clients a great foundation for practical decision making.


Rudy Espinoza Client

He does not sugar coat anything for you

When you hire Leon Breeden he is a straight shooter. He does not sugar coat anything for you. He’s going to tell you the pros and cons right up front. He’ll give alternatives. He’s business savvy. He knows his industry very well. That’s the kind of person I like to deal with.

Ryan O'Rourke Client

Leon has been absolutely great

I met Leon on a referral from a colleague. He helped me incorporate in Texas and got all my legal stuff together. He's been absolutely great. He knows everyone and knows the ins and outs of the local law. He’s knowledgeable in firearm law which is a bonus to me!

Debra Opdahl Client

He immediately went into professional mode

Leon and I have been friends for over 40 years. So when my husband and I went to see him about getting our will done for a trip, I was impressed because he immediately went into professional mode. He helped us get all of the information we needed and he was able to prepare our estate planning documents.

Tim De Jong Client

It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know

It’s about his passion, his sense of right and wrong first and how he can help his client first. If he can’t help, he’ll let you know. It’s a spectacular difference from every other Lawyer I know. And that’s why every time I need help, I go to Leon.

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