Leon Breeden

Attorney at Law

Areas of Focus

  • Complex Litigation in Consumer, Commercial, Family, and Criminal Law  
  • Mediation and Estate Planning
  • Small Business Advising, Business Formation, and Litigation

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Office:  512.396.2199

120 West Hopkins, Suite 102, one block west of the Courthouse Square in downtown San Marcos.


Leon Breeden

They say "Everything is bigger in Texas." 

​Growing up in a military family, I traveled all over the country and had the opportunity to live in many different places. 

​What I found was that integrity, family roots, and good, old fashioned values were "bigger" in Texas and that's precisely why I came back and stayed for good. 

​My elders taught me that:

  • Your word is your bond.
  • There is no alternative to hard work.
  • A job that is worth doing is worth doing well.

Those were the bedrock principles that I learned growing up. These words weren't just things that were said, they were words that were lived. As a young boy, I knew that when I grew up I wanted to emulate the words and the life that I saw my elders living. And that's what I set out to do when I became a Texas attorney.

I loved San Marcos from the moment I moved here. It was important that I find a great city to establish roots in and San Marcos became that city for me. I began practicing law in San Marcos upon my admission to the bar in 1983. Before that, I attended North Texas State University in Denton, Texas, where I received a BA in Political Science, with honors, in 1980. I was then admitted to the University of Texas School of Law where I obtained my JD degree in 1983. When it was time to find a job, I happened to choose one in San Marcos and it changed the trajectory of my life. Now, after more than 30 years, I'm proud to call it my home.

​I am licensed to practice in the State of Texas as well as the United States District Court, Western District of Texas, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. I believe it's my willingness and experience to try claims and take cases to trial that is invaluable​. I'm also fortunate enough to act as co-counsel with other attorneys, providing expertise or trial experience in particular areas I specialize in.

Although, the most important thing to note about my long career are all of the people I've had the privilege of serving. There have been thousands now - almost too many to count. But it's their faces - not the diplomas on my wall - that define my legal career. I give advice, negotiate contracts, draft pleadings, form businesses, mediate disputes, argue in court, probate wills, draft estate plans, settle divorces - and yet, I would describe the most important thing I do as solving important problems for people in my community. I solve legal problems so people can return home with peace of mind -  to be with their families and run their businesses. These relationships are what drive me to become the best attorney I can be.  It's been over 30 years since I first became a lawyer and more than a thousand cases later I'm still learning something new every day. You are the ones that keep me passionate about justice, the law, and solving every day issues. You are the ones that inspire me to be great. 

​Thank you for visiting my website. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you in person. It is an honor to serve you, San Marcos.

My goal is always to provide the highest quality representation at the least expense to my client.  I live by the life principles I learned from growing up in Texas within a Military family: Our word is our bond.



Mr. Breeden is board certified in Consumer & Commercial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  He is not board certified in any other area. Board Certification means an attorney has achieved special recognition by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for substantial experience and specialized training in a particular field. A Board Certified Attorney goes through a rigorous investigation by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization contacts Judges before whom the attorney has practiced, as well as fellow lawyers who have been on the opposite side of cases, to check the character and skill of the attorney seeking certification.

​Once the background investigation is completed and the State Board of Legal Specialization is satisfied with the experience, reputation, and ethical behavior of the attorney, he must take a lengthy and difficult examination. Upon the successful completion of the examination, the attorney becomes Board Certified in a particular area of law. A Board Certified Attorney has to maintain this level of excellence by attending additional continuing legal education courses each year far exceeding the requirement of the average licensed attorney. Further, a Board Certified Attorney has to be re-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization every five years.




It’s actually been a blessing knowing you

Leon: it’s been a pleasure and an honor knowing you and your family. It’s actually been a blessing. We'll continue to work with you, and in our community making a difference. Thanks.

Rudy Espinoza Client

He’s a phenomenal human being

I have known Leon for all 25 years that I have been in Texas. He’s a phenomenal human being. He’s fun and has a great sense of humor. Working with him in a professional manner and being friends with him has been really nice.

Tim De Jong Client

He’s confident in what he knows

Leon is also a firearm enthusiast, and between that and the law he knows we became friends. He’s confident in what he knows, and I am confident in him. I think he’s more connected in the area than any lawyer I’ve met, and that’s a bonus.

Ryan O'Rourke Client

I thought Leon was a nerd

Leon and I went to high school together. My father was the High School speech and drama teacher, and he and Leon were very close. Leon was active in many of the speech and speaking competitions. I thought Leon was a nerd, but he was very smart and could argue with you about anything. That is when I knew that he’d make an excellent lawyer.

Debra Opdahl Client


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